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Avocado Brown Sugar Pearl


Omochi Bun-dle


Peach + Kalamansi + Passion Fruit



Made from scratch every day and feature all fresh, premium ingredients with zero additives to yield a distinctive taste. Our scrumptious loaves are made with Taiwan High Protein Flour and toppings such as Taro, Red Bean and Pumpkin has a fluffy, soft and light centre with a crisped crust. Choose from a wide range of bread from sweet buns to savoury bread, pastries to loaves, best paired with our Fruit Teas. Taste the love and care we put into each of our creations!



The darling of MuYoo’s menu is, needless to say, its fruit-based beverages that are delicately crafted: as Cheese Cloud Fruit Teas and Fun Fruit Teas, with the latter served without the brand’s iconic Cheese Cloud. Its iconic Cheese Cloud, more commonly known as “cheese cap” — a savoury, creamy froth topping — is made with naturally derived milk powder from NewZealand, pure cheese powder from Holland, real sea salt from Bolivia and other premium natural ingredients as part of a specially developed recipe, instead of the commonly used and less-preferred creamer, which contains trans-fat and artificial flavouring.


Nurtured by Nature

The freshest bakes and fun fruit teas! With flavours that highlight the essence of premium natural ingredients.

Our Brand Promise

We're committed to giving you a healthy choice of beverages that let the ingredients speak for themselves, while keeping them tasting as fresh as the day they were sourced.

Premium Ingredients

What sets our sips and bites apart are the premium ingredients that are freshly processed daily and have zero additives or preservatives to stay true to its purest form.